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9 Fully Sponsored UK Scholarships For International Students

 Are you an international student? Ever wished to have a taste of British education for free? Then, read this article. It’ll work you through 9 UK scholarships that can make your dream a reality.
Are you ready? Let’s set off!
There’re so many scholarship opportunities that the British Government and universities provide for international students who desire to have their academic pursuits in the United Kingdom.
A study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency between 2020 and 2021 reveals that over 605,130 international students are currently studying in the UK for various degrees. 
It’s a remarkable difference from the previous year’s account of 556,625 international students. This number is likely to increase in the coming years.
How can you be a part of this number, especially when we know that British education doesn’t come cheap?
That’s the crux of this article. To help you discover the top Uk scholarship opportunities for international students. 
But before we dive right in, here are some reasons you should consider having a taste of British education.
Why You Should Study in The UK
Studying in the Uk should be the yearning of any individual who wishes to experience a quality and life-transforming education.  
I’ll tell you why.
Quality Education
Armed with modern instructional facilities and comprehensive teaching styles, British education providers set international education standards. 
The British education system commands global recognition and respect for its creativity and stimulating study environments that bring the best out of the students. 
The education purveyors employ experts in many academic topics, and their colleges and universities have a high global ranking. 
In the 2022 Times Higher Education Global University Rankings, England’s University of Oxford was top on the list. In the same global university rankings that include more than 1,600 universities across 99 countries, over six other UK universities are in the top twenty. 

Multi and Distinctive Culture
More so, studying in the UK provides you with the opportunity of mingling with people. The UK is behind the USA on the list of countries with the highest destinations for international students. Thus, the UK is a multicultural country, and this cultural diversity manifests in its campuses.
Additionally, the UK has unique cultural practices that can interest any international student. 
Job Opportunities
Again, the British education system allows international students to work and earn money while studying. An overseas student can pick up a part-time job, engage in an internship, or learn some skill sets while learning.
As a fulfillment of their course requirement, some universities help their students secure internships that will unarguably give them an advantage upon graduation.
In addition, the British Government recently made a policy on a new post-study visa that allows overseas students that finish their studies in the summer to work for two years.
The economy of Time and Financial Aids
Unless you are a research or medical student, you have less time to round off your academic program in the UK than your counterparts in other countries have. For instance, it takes an international undergraduate student three years to acquire a bachelor’s degree, including seminars, workshops, and lectures on different study modules. The difference is the case in many other countries.
Also, overseas students on scholarships in the UK enjoy certain monetary assistance while studying in the form of student loans, grants, and bursaries.
Now that your dream of having a taste of English education has received an air of validation, it’s time to help you itemize the top UK scholarships for overseas students. 
Here we go!
Chevening Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships are all-inclusive sponsored scholarships that allow overseas students with leadership potential to embark on a one-year master’s degree course at any UK university. 
A successful international student doesn’t have to bother with flights, accommodation, and course fees. There’re also grants and allowances for other expenditures.
Eligibility: Outstanding master’s degree international student from Chevening approved country with passion, ideas, influence, and leadership qualities.
Simmons Kotzen University Scholarships ( Undergraduate).
Simmon Kotzen Undergraduate scholarships are fully funded competitive merit-based scholarships for talented international students. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years.
The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarships
The University of Bristol grants these scholars to overseas undergraduate and postgraduate students and gives the beneficiaries access to awards worth up to £20,000. Prospective students can apply in any subject area except medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry.
Gems International Undergraduate Scholarships
The University Of Stirling offers this scholarship to international students. The academic program covers a £2,000 tuition fee waiver per annum. That’s £8,000 over four years. 
Commonwealth Scholarships
The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom offers a variety of scholarships to both graduate and postgraduate international students. Individuals desiring Commonwealth scholarships must be talented with the potential to make a difference on the world stage.
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 Goldsmiths International Response Scholarships
The value of this scholarship is £8,825 for both accommodation and tuition fee waivers. It’s for both undergraduate and master’s degree international students.
Imperial College London Scholarship (Ph.D.)
This scholarship comes with complete tuition fees and a lavish stipend. It’s a Ph.D. program for overseas students with outstanding academic achievements and positive research potential.
UK Universities Scholarships
Top UK universities make funds available for international students based on their academic achievements and financial needs. Below are just a few UK universities that offer scholarships to overseas students.
British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

As the name implies, these scholarships are for women. The British Council offers these scholarships for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related courses. To be eligible, prospective applicants must come from the following parts of the world: the Americas, South Asia, East Asia, Egypt, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The main benefits of these scholarships include:

  • assured academic reputation as the UK universities are in the leading positions in STEM-related courses.
  • financial supports in the areas of tuition fees, stipends, travel costs, visa and health coverage fees
  • special assistance to mothers
  • opportunity to gain proficiency in the use of English.


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