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Are you a student with a disability? Do you wish to get information on how to finance your education? Then, this article will make a good read for you.

A study shows that 15% of the world’s population, or approximately one billion people, has one form of disability. 

 And indeed, students with special needs might be discouraged from studying abroad. It’s understandable because, in addition to the usual general challenges in pursuing a college or university education, a student with a disability faces many other hurdles.

Students with disabilities may face the following challenges in their pursuit of higher education:

  • Differences in academic requirements
  • Poor study skills
  • Inadequate self-advocacy skills
  • Inadequate academic preparation
  • Financial support
  • Lack of mentors with disabilities
  • Differences in disabled student services

Thankfully, there are a variety of scholarships that can help students with special needs fund their studies abroad.

 This list isn’t exhaustive; new scholarships come up now and then. However, I hope it will help you find financial aid.

Many universities also offer scholarships and grants for international students with disabilities. It is worth asking them about their support.

I will try to group the scholarship opportunities according to country or region.


Google Europe Scholarship to Students with Disabilities.

Google grants scholarships to students with disabilities who are currently enrolled or plan to enroll at a European university as full-time bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral students. It would be best if you were a computer science, computer engineering, or informatics student. Read more.

The International University of Logistics and Transport Wroclaw Special Scholarship For Disabled Students( IULT).

 IULT offers a scholarship to students with disabilities of any degree, provided that they provide medical documentation from a qualified doctor. The application deadline is October 20th (fall semester) and March 20th(spring semester). Read more.

United Kingdom

Flying Scholarships to Disabled People (FSDP). 

It’s a charity that enables persons with disabilities to learn to fly. You can apply here if you reside in the UK, are over 18 years old, are not in full-time school, and are allowed to drive under the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) supervision.

Goldsmiths Disabled Student’s Scholarships.

Scholarships for UK nationals to Study for an Undergraduate Degree at Goldsmiths University of London

Oxford Wadham Graduate Scholarship to Disabled Students This scholarship is open to all students from the EU, USA, and other countries. It covers 100 percent of the tuition fees for home and EU students and provides a grant to cover living expenses while you study a master’s program at Wadham College or the University of Oxford

You do not need to apply separately for graduate study. All applicants must be highly academically competent.

Snowden Trust Grants The UK charity Snowden Trust grants students with sensory or physical disabilities to study at a UK college.

Student Health Association bursaries. These bursaries are for disabled students who were not eligible for or rejected by the UK government’s Disability Students’ Allowance

They are only available to UK students who live in England. You must apply for DSA and submit the results of your application. Before applying for a grant, you must have completed your course.

University of Westminster Access Scholarship A scholarship for disabled students from the UK/EU enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree at the university.

British Council Scholarships There are many UK scholarships and financial assistance programs for international students with special educational needs and disabilities. 

UK government manages these schemes in conjunction with international governments, charities, businesses, universities, colleges, and other schools. 

Disability Rights UK Financing Higher Education for Disabled Students Financial support for an undergraduate study covers tuition fees, living expenses, and disability-related costs.

UCL (University College London). Fees and Funding for Students With Disabilities. Students from abroad who are disabled can receive financial support through the UCL Fund for International Disabled Students.

Disabled Grants Higher Education Grants – This list contains information about grants, scholarships, and funds for students with disabilities who wish to study in the UK.

Prospects Disabled Student Allowances: Postgraduates in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland eligible for DSA funding for 2018/19 may apply for non-repayable needs-assessed Disabled Student Allowances (DSA) intended to assist students with special learning needs.

Canada and the USA 

The AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship for Health and Disability is a scholarship for students with disabilities who are US citizens and are enrolled full-time at an accredited US university. A degree in health or disability should be your goal.

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Scholarship Program.

These are merit-based scholarships for hard of hearing or deaf students to pursue an undergraduate degree at a college or university. Students pursuing a master’s degree may also be eligible for a limited number of scholarships. Students from the US and abroad are eligible.

Baer Reintegration Scholarship – Scholarships are available to US citizens with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or schizoaffective disorder. Eligible programs include programs for high school equivalency, trade or vocational schools, associate degrees, and bachelor and graduate degrees.

Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship: This scholarship is for disabled students in the US who have been accepted to or are currently in an undergraduate degree program. You will need to write an essay about the impact that your disability has had on your life.

Hemophilia Federation of America’s (HFA) Educational Scholarships There are four categories of scholarships that support students with blood disorders. The Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship is for medical students who plan to pursue a medical career. The 2018 round of applications has closed, so you will need to wait until the 2019 round opens.

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship – Scholarships are available to high school seniors with disabilities. These scholarships allow them to attend an undergraduate program at a US technical college or university. If you have a passion for technology and financial need, you must declare a major or minor in engineering, computer science, information systems, law, or another related field.

National Center for Learning Disabilities: Anne Ford Scholarships

These scholarships are for high-school seniors from the USA with proven learning disabilities or ADHD.

Google Lime Scholarship Program – Scholarships are available to students with disabilities from all countries for any level of study at a Canadian university or the US. The degree must be in computer science, computer engineering, or closely related fields.

Shire Canada ADHD Scholarship Programme – Scholarships are available to legal residents of Alberta and Manitoba, Nova Scotia, or Ontario who have ADHD. – Searchable portal for financial awards for students with disabilities from Canada.

Scholarships for students with Autism. Scholarships are available from Iconic Displays MediaWorks Learning Ally Scholarships, SunWise, Learning Ally Scholarships, and SunWise. 

You must be a US citizen and be either a recent high-school graduate, a current undergraduate, or attending an Autism School to apply. An accredited school must accept you or enroll you.

New Zealand and Australia 

Australian Disability Education Fund This scholarship is available to all Australians with disabilities and offers to fund formal and informal education.

Australian National University Scholarships and Bursaries. Australian National University offers undergraduate and graduates scholarships to assist students with disabilities in Australia.

University of Melbourne – The university offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid for students with disabilities and some external scholarships. These scholarships are not available to Australian residents.

University of Auckland Juni Opie Fellowship 

University of Auckland Juni Opie gives these scholarships to permanent residents of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who wish to study at the university’s postgraduate level.

University of Canterbury Disability Scholarships: The University of Canterbury offers three scholarships to students with disabilities. One is for doctoral students; one is for master’s students. There is also the Educ8 Scholarship.

University of Waikato Disabilities Scholarships– Many scholarships are available for current and prospective students at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

Young Australia League Scholarships – The organizers of these scholarships created these two new categories to assist eligible young Australians. 

They are in financial hardship or those suffering from any form of a challenge due to disability or social circumstances.

Students applying for an undergraduate degree at a QS-ranked university can now apply for the Undergraduate Scholarship. 

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